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Mercedes Benz SLK 250 cdi AMG SportRoadster Auto 
Our Featured Deal...
Business Contract
3 + 35 monthly payments
10000 miles per year
Only £289.99 per month!

Features Include:
Metallic paint,

Model: Mercedes Benz SLK 250 cdi AMG SportRoadster Auto
Fuel Type: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
No. of Doors: 2
Historically, Mercedes-Benz had always offered a less costly drop-top sports car in its line-up, even though the beautiful Pagoda-roof SL was the last truly compact and, depending on your status, affordable sports car from the German manufacturer during the late-1960s/early-1970s. A succession of grander, plumper, more luxurious and costlier SL models had distanced Merc from its core buyers and a new niche was developing during the early-1990s into which the company was keen to slot a brand new model. The "K" designation was appropriate, as it had been applied to "Kompressor", or supercharged Mercs of years past and the new SLK would utilise a series of four-cylinder C-Class saloon engines, with their performance boosted by the use of force-feeding. The SLK was born in 1996 and became an overnight success for the Stuttgart firm, mainly due to its all-weather, folding metal roof that stowed beneath the boot-lid.
 Contract Type Business Personal
 Term 3 + 35 months ?? months
 Annual Mileage 10000 miles ?? miles
 Price £289.99 per month £POA per month

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